Pump Centrifugal SB

SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander, Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer. It can also be used as Charge Pump auxiliary perfusion for mud pump and Trip Pump for drilling well head. Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump. Most parts can be exchanged, with convenient operation and maintenance, less seal leakage, reliability, long life and other advantages. Parts of SB Pump are made of solid cast iron which allows to handle with aggressive fluids.

Centrifugal pumps SB are widely used for sand master units, cyclone separator and the mixing hopper. Also these pumps are ideal for working with mud pump. Construction of pump is designed for working as part of above mentioned units.


  • well-designed construction and interchangeable spare parts, 
  • tightened shaft seal, 
  • reliability and long-time working performance
  • easy to maintenance.

SB Pumps are divided into 5 types:

  • SB6"×8", 
  • SB5"×6", 
  • SB4"×5", 
  • SB3"×4",
  • SB2"×3".

Type SB6 "× 8" is equipped with motors 45kW, 55kW, 75kW, there are 6 kinds of positive and reverse pump in accordance with the requirements of customers. SB5 type "× 6" can be equipped with motors 22kW, 30kW, 37kW and 45kW, there are 4 types of reversible pump. SB4 type "× 5" is equipped with motors 15kW and 22kW, there are 2 types of reversible pump. SB3 type "× 4" is equipped with motors 11kW and 15kW, there are 2 types of reversible pump. SB2 type "× 3" equipped with engines of 11 kW, 4 kW and 5,5 kW, there are 3 types of reversible pump.

For the first two types of pump seals assemblies are unified. Construction and installation dimensions for all reversible and positive pumps are basically the same. The only difference in the spiral challenge: a positive pump volute is located on the left side, in reversible pump  - on the right side (from the suction end).

Slurry pumps SB6 type "× 8" is recommended for drilling rig with drilling depth of more than 3200m, and SB5 type "× 6" - for drilling rig drilling depth less than 2500m.

There are two types of seal in SB Pump - mechanical and combined.

Combined seal consists of an auxiliary wheel frame, gland seals of polyurethane and rectangular packing. The main seal is a mechanical seal with wear-resistant carbide, having a long-term work; secondary seal is a stuffing seal used for preventing unexpected accidents. No doubts that SB series mud pumps have a reliable seal and convenient maintenance. To seal the shaft of mud pumps is used mastic lubrication; engine oil is used for lubrication of bearings.

For flanges on inlet and outlet of the SB series mud pumps are used metric and inch standard sizes. SB Series mud pumps are already being used on drilling platforms on land and in the ocean in more than 20 countries around the world. The results showed that costs of pump operation are extremely small, mainly connected only with regular replacement of sealing components.


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